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Frequently Asked Questions
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Do you have different size cloth diapers?
Yes! As your baby grows, so do the diapers. If you are experiencing more leaking or blowouts, or you just can't seem to fit the diaper around your baby's belly anymore then it is time to bump up. There are 5 different sizes your baby can use. Preemie (2-6lbs), Newborn (6-14lbs),  Regular (12-22lbs), Super Absorbency (19-27lbs), Toddler(25-35lbs), and Training Pants (whenever they are ready). Just give us a call or email 2 BUSINESS DAYS before your delivery day and we can change your order. We can also send a sample of the next size before you totally change your order.
What do get with my "set-up"?
Your pre-birth set up is delivered approximately 2 weeks before your due date.  You receive a diaper pail, diaper pail liners (cloth liners optional) , deodorant disc, and a Snappi fastener. The Snappi is what is used now in place of pins. Your deodorant disc will be replaced with deliveries around the first of the month.
Where do I place the deodorant disc?
The deodorant disc should be placed in the designated slot underneath the lid.  Remove lid entirely and insert disc into middle slots.
When are my diapers delivered and picked up?
Your service day is dictated by your home address and occurs on the same day weekly. We will email you the delivery day and Set Up Date when you sign up for service.
Do you offer disposables with your service?
Definitely! This company recognizes that it is not about all or nothing but just doing what we can. We offer 3 types of disposable diapers with 3 different prices. 1) You can swap up to half of your cloth diapers for disposables with no extra fee using the no-name brand disposables. Every 10 after that is $1.25/week. 2) If you prefer Huggies/pampers brand (whichever is in stock) you can swap out up to 15 with no extra fee and every 10 after that $3.75/week. 3) If you prefer the more natural diaper, we offer Natural BabyCare 60% bio-degradeable disposable. You can swap out 10 with no extra fee and for every 10 after that it is $4.75.
Can I see the diapers before I sign up?
Yes, view or EVENTS page to RSVP for one of our monthly diaper classes.  You are welcome to visit our showroom in Colorado Springs any time with an appointment. There, you can see all of the many products that we offer and you can see and feel the quality. Please call us for a time and directions. 303/776-3955 or 719-488-1185.
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